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Water Supply & Sanitation

Pt Enviro Nusantara was established in Indonesia in 2000 by its founder, Hubert Broux, who has more than 40 years of experience in developing innovative solutions and new business and organizational models for water projects in Indonesia.
The MOU signed by PERUSDA is based on feasibility studies made by Pt Enviro Nusantara and submitted to the Goverment of Bali in February 2016.

These studies are based on the use of creative solutions offered by Pt Enviro Nusantara which offer innovative funding models through which the Government of Bali is able to significantly reduce the cost of their investments and shorten their implementation time. Bali province faces a significant shortage of tap water supply while investments in Sanitation programs to protect the environment are also badly needed. With projected water deficit of 3,375 l/s by 2025 there are urgent calls for large scale water supply scheme developments.

PERUSDA and Pt Enviro Nusantara ’s approach to the development and manage-ment of infrastructure in Bali is based on a plurality of assessments and monitoring programs including social and economic development, community concerns and water demand, heritage protection, marine and coastal protection and biodiversity economic indicators, in order to achieve both environmentally sustainable and socially responsible growth in line with the Indonesia Sustainable Development Goals Priorities.

Perusda Bali, Lini Terdepan dalam Pembangunan Bali